Do you feel like Sarah ?


Today, we all have the feeling that we receive a lot of emails. Trying to manage all these emails in our mailbox is becoming impossible. When we need to collaborate with others, the problems only get bigger.

SmartMail offers a centralized email- and collaboration environment in which emails, activities, contacts and meetings are centralized and shared.

How does SmartMail work ?


In this video, Eric explains to Sarah the basic principle of the email- and collaboration solution SmartMail.

By watching this video, you'll understand the differences between working with a classic mailbox, and working with SmartMail.

How to treat external and confidential emails?


Of course, email is not only about sending messages to colleagues. The most important emails are the ones you exchange with customers, prospects and suppliers.

By watching this video, you will learn how to treat external and confidential emails in SmartMail.

The advantages of SmartMail


Installing an email- and collaboration solution in your organization is not an easy decision. In this video, we show you that you are not alone with your doubts.

However, once your collaborators have worked with SmartMail, they won't want to go back in time again!