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Tag activities

Activities can be tagged to facilitate project management. All related activities will automatically be grouped into one project for your teams.

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Shared Mailboxes

Once an incoming e-mail in a shared mailbox (info@, ...) is treated, it disappears from the mailbox! Be sure every incoming e-mail is correctly treated and followed-up!

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Advanced Mailbox

SmartMail is an advanced mailbox but allows you to keep your habits: mails, calendar and contacts stay available, just like in your actual mailbox. It's not complicated!

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Linked conversations

Conversations are linked to companies and contacts, in order to get an optimal visibility of the all ongoing activities in your organisation, for all your contacts.

Attachments image


Finding back attachments (and their different versions) in email conversations becomes very easy, thanks to the centralized attachment management system.

Notifications image


Stop sending internal e-mails. Input your message directly in the SmartMail conversation and notify your colleagues. No more putting in CC and BCC!