Whitepaper: "Too many E-mails generate stress"


Every day, we read articles about stress generated by overloaded e-mail inboxes. A lot of tips & tricks are presented to manage the inbox more efficiently: using coloursfolder structures, etc...

However, these methods don't tackle the true core of the problem: the number of unread e-mails that stays in the inbox.

In this whitepaper, we analyse the origin of stress, and suggest some possible ways to manage it.

Download Whitepaper image
Download Whitepaper image

Whitepaper: "Zero emails is an illusion"

In today's life, more and more employees have the feeling of being overwhelmed with too many emails in their mailbox. This is working counterproductive : they don't know where to start. Recently, some well-known CEO's announced so-called "zero e-mail policies", while they pretend to be able stop using e-mail in their professional communications.

They don't get the real problem: "zero e-mails" does not mean the same as "zero e-mails in the mailbox".

As a manager, it is your duty to think about a solution for this problem. In this whitepaper, we present you the right approach.



Download our pdf documentation in which you will find a summary of features of SmartMail, some screenshots and our contact data.

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