Testimonial Webkrea

Webkrea is a web agency specialised in websites and search engine optimisation. The agency, started in 2003 by Thierry Wergifosse, counts already 6 passionate members with each their own talents. The company wants to facilitate the access of small and medium businesses to internet communication means. Benoit Dupont, Sales Manager of Webkrea, explains us why they have chosen to work with SmartMail. 

"Already during a couple of years, we were looking for a solution to optimise the information flows within our company. After discovering SmartMail and testing it extensively, we were more than amazed by this solution. 

Thanks to SmartMail, we finally have a full traceability of our history. Finally, it became possible to go on holidays without constantly calling our colleagues. Beside that, the colleagues that replace you during your holidays, have access to all e-mail exchanges with the customers.  

I have to say, thanks to SmartMail, we avoid a lot of time loss in searching for information! The planning of tasks brings up a certain quietness in our mind, without even talking about the value that SmartMail gives us, by providing us with a complete history of each file.

Even though we needed some time to adapt to the changes, this time was gained back very rapidly! I want to particularly thank the people of EASI's support services, who were really helpful and reactive! 

Every new update comes with a lot of new functionalities, and the mobile apps are really fun!"