Testimonial Trader's

We were looking for a solution which would help us manage the information in the company better. Thanks to SmartMail, information circulates more smoothly and is managed more effectively.


Why did you install a solution for email management and collaboration?

Finding a solution for mail management and collaboration gained us highly valuable time. We now understand that we had fallen into bad habits and used to do a lot of unnecessary work each day. This sort of solution allows us to really concentrate on our core business. Our organization has become more uniform and the work is simpler and optimized. It was also necessary to share individual e-mails between all employees so that information circulated better internally.


Are you happy with SmartMail?

SmartMail meets our needs perfectly. We were looking for a solution which would help us manage the information in the company better. Thanks to SmartMail, information circulates more smoothly and is managed more effectively. When EASI explained us the concept of working with an empty mailbox, we found it difficult to believe them. But one demonstration convinced us. These days almost all my staff’s inboxes are empty, as is my own. During the implementation of the solution EASI was always there ready to help whenever it was needed. And we can still always count on their cooperation. We are convinced that we made the right decision by choosing SmartMail.


Was it easy to get users to accept the new way of working?

We already used a CRM solution in our company but we were aware that it needed to be modernized in order to be able to meet our expectations. When EASI came to us with SmartMail we realized that some aspects of the solution were already present in our organization. That made opting for SmartMail a logical choice since the solution offered a number of additional benefits.

Before we even realized it, some 50% of our employees had changed over to the new way of working. The other 50% took a little longer to adjust. But the positive reactions from their colleagues have helped everybody get up to the same level.

Using the solution itself is not really hard. After a few hours of training you are ready to go. Of course, each staff member had to adjust individually to the new way of working. Now they have found the perfect solution to manage their own work and that of their staff. We really think that working with SmartMail is far more efficient.


What have you gained with CoWorkingPlace?

Olivier Corre, Commercial Engineer: "First and foremost I would like to say that using SmartMail has allowed me to organize my work much better, because before I was working in an unstructured, inefficient way.

From an organizational point of view this solution allows me to create tasks which a commercial representative has to perform in order to be efficient, such as returning calls in good time, managing appointments, meetings, tracking projects, and all of that is linked to customers or prospects. Important additional data can then be attached to these tasks.

As a result of this I gain in credibility because if I am on the phone to a customer or sales prospect, just a few clicks is enough to bring up all the key information this I need at that moment.

This solution is modular. For our purposes we also use modules for document management and sales projections which are likewise linked to our customers and prospects. Here again, we can find out with a few clicks what is going on with a customer or prospect."


Was this easy for you?

We can’t really say that it was simple, but it was not complicated either. The biggest difficulty is that you need to be very accurate when adding information to the system, but once you have passed that stage, the rest is not complex. Using SmartMail did need appropriate training, though, since the solution offers so many possibilities.