Customer Efficado speaks about SmartMail


Efficado is a coaching and training company. Their vision is to work more efficiently and to decide more effectively. "Do more in less time" ! 
Joeri Billast, Business Coach, explains how to apply this. 

Mostly people have the habit to leave emails in their inbox, in order to memorize these emails and deal with them later. To counter this bad habit, we searched for a solution and found SmartMail from EASI

SmartMail offers a task manager which converts your emails into tasks. As a result, we generate more time, we keep our inbox empty and we don’t forget to treat important things. 

Why do we think it is better to separate our emails and to-do lists

  • If your to-do’s stay in your inbox, you tend to postpone them (e.g. ‘I still need to treat this email’) which reduces the productivity. 
  • Also in a psychological way, it gives a better feeling when your inbox is empty
  • Email is an online communication tool and should only be used to communicate. 
  • When you are looking for a specific task in a mailbox, you slow down due to new incoming mails and other existing mails to treat. 
  • You will also receive to-do’s from other sources, outside your inbox The problem is that email and task management can't be separated. 

The advantage of SmartMail is that we can centralize these emails and tasks in a perfect way. We can manage them efficiently and never forget to treat other things. At the end of the day, this means for us an empty inbox and no stress! 

SmartMail is a guarantee for an empty inbox and an increase of your and your companies productivity. Just like I note down in my e-book 'How to work more efficiently', available in Dutch.