Never forget an email image

Never forget an email

Add a next action date to your emails, and you and your colleagues will never forget to treat an e-mail anymore! No more stress caused by emails!

Quit your inbox image

Quit your inbox

Never go back to your inbox! After transforming an email into an activity in SmartMail, it is deleted from your mailbox. Inbox zero becomes a reality!

Get things done

Thanks to the intelligence of SmartMail, you and your teams are going to work more rapidly and efficiently. Finally an efficient way to deal with emails!

Delegate image


Delegating e-mails and managing their follow-up becomes a child's play. Keep the overview of what your colleagues are doing, without having to send follow-up mails!

Conversations centralized image


E-mails and internal communications are displayed in conversations and centralized in activities for better follow-up, optimal visibility and information sharing.

Share confidential information image

Share Information

Information stored in SmartMail is available for all colleagues! Of course, information can be marked as confidential to ensure privacy and confidentiality!