SmartMail is an innovative inbox zero and collaboration solution in which internal and external emails are centralized, shared and managed in activities.



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Full messaging or not

Mailboxes can be included in SmartMail, but you can also continue using your existing mailboxes

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Web & Mobile App

Accessible from any web browser (FireFox, IE, Safari, Chrome) or iOS device (all iPhone & iPad models)

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Cloud based

Access SmartMail from any device with an internet connection. No infrastructure needed!

Do you feel like Sarah ?


Today, we all have the feeling that we receive a lot of emails. Trying to manage all these emails in our mailbox is becoming impossible. When we need to collaborate with others, the problems only get bigger.

SmartMail offers a centralized email- and collaboration environment in which emails, activities, contacts and meetings are centralized and shared.

SmartMail is the perfect solution that simply and concretely meets your daily needs

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Never forget an email

Add a next action date to your emails, and you and your colleagues will never forget to treat an e-mail anymore! No more stress caused by emails!

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Quit your inbox

Never go back to your inbox! After transforming an email into an activity in SmartMail, it is deleted from your mailbox. Inbox zero becomes a reality!

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Whitepaper: "Too many E-mails generate stress"


Every day, we read articles about stress generated by overloaded e-mail inboxes. A lot of tips & tricks are presented to manage the inbox more efficiently: using coloursfolder structures, etc...

However, these methods don't tackle the true core of the problem: the number of unread e-mails that stays in the inbox.

In this whitepaper, we analyse the origin of stress, and suggest some possible ways to manage it.

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Our Clients Love Us

"Since we use SmartMail, we don't have any email accumulated in our Inbox and the sharing of information between colleagues is much easier : internal and external communication improvement, optimalization of tasks monitoring and no more worries if a colleagues is out of the office."


Karin Hubert

Management Assistant - AMCS

"SmartMail puts us in a position to structure all our projects and tasks better, which means we can delegate in a clearer and more transparent way. Naturally, the quantity of work remains the same, but we are better organized and we work more efficiently. EASI's support was really useful and efficient to start us up properly."

Jean-François Lambert

Head of IT and Infrastructure

"When EASI explained us the concept of working with an empty mailbox, we found it difficult to believe them. But one demonstration convinced us. These days almost all my staff’s inboxes are empty, as is my own. Thanks to SmartMail, information circulates more smoothly and is managed more effectively."

Thierry Roux

CEO - Trader's

"Do more in less time" ! Mostly people have the habit to leave emails in their inbox, in order to memorize these emails and deal with them later. To counter this bad habit, we searched for a solution and found SmartMail from EASI

Joeri Billast - Efficado

Business Coach

"Après quelques discussions avec l’équipe commercial de EASI, nous nous sommes lancés dans l’aventure. Depuis septembre 2016, nous avons travaillé main dans la main avec les équipes de développement SmartMail. L’objectif était de faire évoluer le logiciel pour qu’il réponde au mieux à nos besoins quotidiens."

Jean-Pascal Cochet

Administrateur délégué - Fiskobel

"Thanks to SmartMail, my tasks are clearly visible and planned. The integration of email into tasks allows me to stay on top of the changes that have been made, both internally and externally. Now I can be sure that my work is being dealt with in an organized way, and that I don't forget anything."

Frédéric Tonus

Managing Director - Tonus & Cunha

"Finding a solution for email management and collaboration between colleagues and with external partners gained us highly valuable time. We now understand that we used to do a lot of unnecessary work each day. SmartMail allows us to really concentrate on our core business."

Caroline Heylen

CEO - Gim

"SmartMail has actively helped us to improve our effectiveness and productivity. For us, efficiency goes hand in hand with the form of cooperation when dealing with knowledge and information. Thanks to SmartMail, information circulates more smoothly and is retrieved quicker."

Rudy D'hauwe

Head of IT and Infrastructure - ACLVB

"After discovering and testing SmartMail, we were more than amazed by this solution. Finally, it became possible to go on holidays without constantly calling our colleagues. I want to particularly thank the people of EASI's support services, who were really helpful and reactive!” 

Benoit Dupont

Sales Manager - Webkrea

"After we analyzed the use of e-mail in our company, we felt that we needed to review the way that we cooperate. Even though a culture shift or a change in habits is never easy, today we are convinced that we made the right choice. Our organization is now more standardized and the work is simplified"

José De Queiros

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